Newby question K5La

Please forgive my ignorance for I know nothing about these horns. I’m considering buy a set of K5La horns. Can these horns be mounted on a high manifold? I don’t like them speed out like they are.

They sure can … the “L” and “H” are what designates either the low profile or high profile manifold.


I kind of figured that. Thanks!

What’s the deal with raised or no raised letters? I suppose one is more desirable than the other?

It has to do when they were cast, some years are raised and some are not. It’s a good way to identify when they were made.

If you Google the Horn & Whistle board, they have the history stuff there … just don’t let them know you’re coming from here. There are some of the older guys on Horn & Whistle that don’t like us for obvious reasons.


They don’t like us because we do not let our horns sit on a shelf and collect dust. :D:D:D

Speaking of which, there is an ex NS K5HA on eBay right now. Might make your life a little easier rather than buying a K5LA and having to also buy a separate manifold. It’s also an early 90’s horn, so it’s likely it’ll sound really good.

90’s horns are higher in pitch, probably due to the castings inadvertently becoming thicker over time (making the throats skinnier), however the majority of 90’s horns play a proper chord despite being above the advertised pitch. Most Raised Letter horns do not play a legitimate chord despite the attempt to lower the pitch of most of the bells to the correct levels. Typically they don’t sound very musical.

If you’re just trying to make a ton of noise though, it doesn’t really matter.

I would love to own some K5HLA horns but I just can’t force myself to spend $1300.00 on a set. Those horns would sound and look great mounted on my new 2017 Super Duty Platinum.

Keep an eye out, I bought my K3L on here.