-= News Guy Gets Honked =-

Just found this on myspace thought some of you might enjoy!!


OMG!! he stole my idea!!
I’m doin this next week, to action news when they do the weather report in philly on cityline ave. every weekday at 5pm…

Nice… Makes me want to do the same thing…

Thanks For Posting.

That would be Me … My dad got the truck and i ordered the horn for it. Sounds Great couldnt be happier with the kit.
Got it installed just in time for Hurricane Dolly to hit Brownsville Texas where we live.

Hornblasters Has now been on National News!

Thanks Guys keep up the great work!

stay tuned for the action news scare next week! im so doin this!

bahaha i knew it was coming!

Everyone Buy a P.A. System first! Hahaha, HORNBLASTERS.COM!

I know I wish I had one when I did mine yesterday… Next time I do it, im def. goin with a PA system!


lol thats funny hey scaredu u should put a copyright to that idea lol

I will be on the lookout for remote news crews! LOL!

i can never find them around my area

haha i love the fact that we got both sides of it in a video lol