Nice weekend.

In North Florida, we’ve just had the nicest weekend so far this winter. Right temperature, breezy, sunny, etc. Me and the family drove to Marianna in my car to eat off the buffet at the Oaks restaurant. The parking lot was packed, but we got a close spot in the middle of the lot. This parking lot is huge, for it services a large strip mall. Fine meal–fried catfish fillets, fried chicken, baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, all the good food.

Afterwards, me and my dad walked from the Oaks to the Goodwill store a couple doors down. I saw a perfectly-working super-8mm film projector for sale, so I bought it, because my grandparents have rolls of old family videos on film. While I’m walking up to the cashier’s register, my dad asks to borrow my keys so he can get something out of my car, so I hand him the keys.

The cashier is nowhere to be found, so I’m standing there waiting for a minute or two before my dad mashes the Wrong Button on my key fob. Despite the fact that my car is halfway across the parking lot, I can tell that he mashed the Wrong Button, solely because of the subsequent noise:


This goes on for a good 15 seconds before it stops. During this short period of time, the cashier suddenly exists, I get my purchase rung up, and everyone’s crowding around the front glass and trying to see what’s going on. I nudge through the small crowd of people on the way out of the store, and walk nonchalantly to where my dad is walking away from my car. He tells me “Aww man, i pushed the wrong button! I had no idea how to stop it from honking, until I pushed the Unlock button!”

I simply reply, “Of course you did.”

HAHAHA… I can just see him standing there frantically thumbing for the “Abort” button.


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haha priceless

I cant wait for this darn snow to melt so i can get my truck out again and honking!!!

Haha Classic!!!

Hahahaha thats cool!

My dad would have nothing to do with Horns lol, he shakes his head whenever I honk him lol