Nice weekend...

I spent most of the weekend mowing the lawn, helping build up our driveway due to the recent heavy rains, and going to church. By the end of Saturday, I was sun burnt.

This weekend, however, my parents were babysitting for my 1-year-old nephew. He is a very happy baby, always smiling, laughing. He stayed at my grandparents’ house, but my parents brought him over to their house for a few minutes.

In those few minutes, I decided to teach him the concept of responsibility. While my parents went outside to fetch some food from the outdoor freezer for lunch, I let him play with my car’s key fob. He went straight for the panic button, because it was the only red button available.

He squealed with utter delight as the ‘dulcet’ tone of the Shockers forced their way through the walls and into his ears. He kept pressing the button again and again just so he could hear them. I’m not quite sure what he learned from that experience, but I can tell we bonded a little over the screaming my parents were making afterwards.

start em young!

LOL… at least it didn’t end in tears. I bet the neighbors loved that one.

That’s great!