nissan maxima 05 and k3a

hey guys i figured i would ask this question to whom ever might be able to answer this. right now i have a set of shockers on my car inbetween the fron grill and radiator Face Down i want to upgrade to the k3 with the custom mount brackets sold by curtis on i am not sure if the k3 would fit by the looks of it it seems the diaphrams would be a bit wide and if they do fit .it would be a matter of how to put them behind my grill and bumper. anyone maybe have some info on this.i dont wanna put the horns at the rear of the car or in the middle i much rather keep them in the front where i would assume they would be the loudest

well as for holding them up in the grill, you can use or built a custom made bracket, or use them heavy duty tye downs just put about 3 for each bell

yea i just dont know if i will be able to fit the diaphrams up into between the grill and radiator that is behind it so this is why i worry

FYI - The housing around the diaphram is 6" diameter.
Maybe that’ll help you figure it out.

Well the only way is to try and see if they will fit?? maybe you will only fit one in the center, and the other two under the hood, facing down. or under the front bumper, you can run the horns just like you had the shockers. get a huge 1/2 solenoid from ebay, or hornblasters, this way you know you have all the air they need. nothing over 150 psi. also call blasters and ask them if thy ever installed a k3 on the same kind of car. good luck

I will have the pics tomorrow for you on these. Let me know if your uncertain about the valve I can send one with the horns.

took 14 man hours of work BUT got em in :slight_smile: