No air...

As I posted before, I was blowing the main fuse. I did’nt do anything except replace the fuse…Yesterday as I left the house I could hear the pump running and it never shut off, I drove about 15 miles. (The pump usually shuts down after about 2-3 min.)
I started heading home and the pump still ran, I stopped and pulled the fuse out.( no pressure in the tank)
Today I put a heater in the back of my truck for a couple of hours and then started my truck and the pump ran for about 2 min. and filled the tank, shut off. (150psi) and I gave them a big blast! ( sorry neighbors)
Whats going on? It is only 10 degrees out, my stuff freezing up?

Thanks for any input or suggestions…

you got it, Any moisture that is left in lines or compressor stops the airflow , and or the compressor does not like to fill under those conditions. I installed a switch for mine so i can turn the pressure switch off so it doesnt even receive the signal to turn on. I usually turn the switch off when the temp drops below 30.

Ive been pondering installing the compressor in the cab but then you got all that noise in there. so i think i will jsut wait out these real cold days and have fun when its over.

All i hope is it warms up a little by new years! I need my horn to make noise at midnight! hahaha good luck

I mounted my dual 480s under the hood on my 08 chevy and so far they have not failed me yet . I have had them operational for over a week and the temps here have been as low a 5 and not over 32 yet . I also plumbed my air intakes for the compressors into air intake for the motor.I think what heat you get from the engine compartment helps.My tanks are in the bed of the truck.

so u have your fill line going from the engine compartment all the way back to the bed?

Yes then to my valve inside the cab then back to the horns , and there again having the valve inside the cab keeps it from freezing up. I had to run to the store earlier tonight and the windchill is like 20 below . I used them and the system kicked in and shut down when it got to 220psi just like it always has.

is it a braided line u have running to the tank or did u just plump copper / poly between tank and compressors?

I used the black 1/2" dot plastic to the tank and then from the tank to the valve and to the horn I used 5/8" black. Also I used some push pulls and the rest were the brass compression type. I have some pictures

I was going to say my oasis compressor that i have on my humvee does this as well…it got balls cold here in korea the other day it was -17 degrees not even including the wind chill…one of my diaphragms on my kahalenberg horns cracked it was so cold…did u say ur compressor shut off at 220 psi…what kind of compressor do you have…one of those dc compressors from

Are you running a water trap/moisture separator?

The idea is to get all of the moisture out of the system so you don’t have a chunk of ice in the line, keeping the tank from filling.

While you were running the compressor, no air was going into the tank because it simply couldn’t get past the chunk of ice. If you can get this moisture out of the path of flow, you can make sure that your tank can fill.

Thanks for your suggestions, it’s still colder than a well diggers azz up here, but for the last couple of days thier working fine. I do like the idea of the seperate switch on the pump…I’ll do that when it get’s back up in the 30’s.

an oasis compressor should work to -15 degrees. the pressure switch is another story unless you got it from us recently and those should work to -40 degrees.

I’ll look at your oasis compressors and pressure switches. Why does’nt hornblasters offer them?

I def…running a h2o trap

Hornblasters does…

I mean its an awesome compressor…does altitude have a factor in this. Im at about 1,000ft above sea level sometimes and are engines have problems sometimes when we are up north in the harsh cold and all…

I’ve heard that altitude can have an affect on compressors but I think it’s much higher than 1000 feet.

I was told that altitude only affects the compressor’s performance.

I’ll add an water trap this week, we got them laying around the shop. Should of done it in the first place…