no hornblasting...but scary underbonnet fire whils driving

not had a good time recently. compressor failure has left me without my horns for a few weeks now , my viair 480c compressor has been stuck between usa and uk since 15th may cos of that stupid volcanic ash ,then my rangerover project goes up in smoke.(there would never had been another one in the world like it by the time i would have finished)
my mrs was out picking up our daughter from school and 100metres from our house it juddered…cut out and started smoking from under the bonnet.
my daughter ran to the house and told me and i managed to get 2 fire extingushers off a neighbour that does alot of off roading.
it was the mentalist 5 mins of my life!!
everyone was running away and moving their cars shouting " its gonna blow! get the fcuk outta here"
and i was the only crazy one to run towards it with my t-shirt tied round my face , stand on the bumper , stamping my grill off and try and open the bonnet :wink: …i really had to save my horns and all my stereo system…they wernt going out like that!
bad news is that the rangie is a write off…

the good news though is my shockers still work hahaha!!!
after taking them off they were badly smoke damaged and filled with the stuff from the extinguisher …wired em up to a normal 240v compresor…and they work hahaha.

so i got my shockers and tank and all wiring in my shed, my viair 480c in customs somewhere? and my rangerover out the back badly burnt awaiting recovery.
absolutely devastated :frowning:

Sorry to hear that, that really sucks. Glad your fam is okay. What was the cause???

still not 100% sure but a local mechanic m8 of mine said it looks like an injector problem could have caused the fire? thats where most of the fire damage is.

Good thing your family and horns are ok ;p

lmfao @ save the horns and stereo. i have a perfect mental picture of some crazy dude with his face covered up, two fire extinguishers in his hands, and standing on top of his car to put it out this inferno, while everyone around is like “you crazy fukker its going to blow!” lol

funny thing is i’d probably do the same thing!

get any burns?

cars don’t blow up. unless they contain explosives or pressurized propane. people just watch too many movies. :smiley: glad you were able to put out the fire and save ost of the other stuff. :slight_smile:

Get your shockers replaced from HB. Lifetime Warranty :).