No idea where to put it!!!

Where can i put a k3la in a 2007 ford explorer!!! No in the spare tire and not in the roof! Pls help thanks guys

in the back seat

checked the front behind the bumper for room? also, the rear quarter panels behind the wheel well should have quite a bit of room in there.

These may help ya. :slight_smile:

Click pics to enlarge.

damn farmer thats a sweet manifold! any plans on selling kits?

yepper, Next week. Im just waiting on the fittings.

damn u are one smart SOAB:D

hehe. I wasnt going to say anything till I was ready to start selling them next week. Im awful at keeping stuff I make quiet.

I have been developing these for about a month. Sourcing good fittings at a good price was the biggest pain in the rear. Well that and taping 3/16 steel by hand isnt fun. Esp. when your doing 30-40 at a time.