NO MORE HORNS (for now)

taking the horns off my jeep today because I bought a new truck. Bought a 2006 chevy z71 crew cab. I picked the worst day to do this guys, it was storming and hailing like crazy the past two days and now it is f*cking 25 and sleeting(wtf) Ill get some new pics up monday when i go pick up the truck…
Wish me luck

WTF r u complainging about LOLOL u just got a brand new truck…any ways…PICS!

monday ill have pics

sucks, but im glad you got a new rig.

good luck and post some pics up

well there off. here they are, all ready for the new ride. ill post more pics tomorrow

sorry bout the other pics…the first two pics are the horns brand new and not yet on the jeep and the last pic is to show how effin dirty they got in just a couple months

First of all the red jeep is sexyyyyy. Second of all whats with the solobaric on the floor. third of all where the truck pics lol

Yeah, WTF? Monday is almost over, where’s the new truck? lol

Made it with only 30 minutes left of Monday.

Weak sauce. lol.