no power?

Hello all I have had the conductor special for a year know with no problems. I have recently lost power to my compressor and cant figure out why. Fuses are good, ground is good, and connections are good. Any advise would be greatly appreciated in advance. Thanks John

hey john have you tried to connect the compressor dirrectly to power and see if it kicks on?

Not sure if I understand what you are trying to say?

take your compressor and hook up the power wire directly to your battery and ground and see if the compressor kicks on

I took the hot wire coming from my battery going to the psi switch and hooked it directly to the compressor and it started to run. Do I have a bad switch?

yeah sounds like a bad pressure switch… :frowning:

Pressure Switch

Well now the question is do I replace it with the 110/150 switch or go with the 165/200 switch. If I go with the 165/200 switch will I just get longer horn blast or will I actually gain some db’s from the higher psi switch? Thanks for the help!!!

If the compressor is rated to 200 PSI, then run it to 200 PSI. Otherwise, do not run any compressor past its rated maximum pressure or you will shorten its service life.

I am with lance on this one. Also check the PSI rating on your tank.

I think I will stick with the 110/150 switch, the horns are loud enough right!!!

yeah its hard to kill these compressors… ur more then likely to kill something else before the compressors… those compressor are the shit! i like viair compressors…
if u want to run 200psi, just upgrade compressors thats all!

Not just the compressor rated at but tank aslo… I have air ride on my truck and can only run a switch that is 105/145 thats all or tank will have a blow out… One other thing you can try is to turn on the switch is to tap on it with something… It maybe sticking. That happend to my air ride also… If you have a drain plug on tank drain it… When I run my compressor for air ride it gets water in tank and makes everything stick sometimes… Just a idea that I have…

i have the regular 12gallon tank from SD…and i run 200psi… u can easily run more then 150 psi in these tanks…
and i do recommened havin water traps on all horn setups

listen im a cerfitied welder… these tanks could hold 200 psi easy, your gonna blow the tank before you blow a weld but i had 250 psi in my tank… and alot of the tanks are pressure tested at about 300… so… no worries on the tank

also with the moisture prob… you could allway use an in-line oiler you can buy them anywhere… use air tool oil… or a light light weight hydro oil… keep the tank and everything nice and smooth running… i have it hooked up on mine…

Im with the previous 2 postings. If you are going to go with anything around 200 psi make sure to check all of your fittings, tank psi rating, and compressor as well. :slight_smile: