noisy check valve

So I did some replumbing of my air system and ended up moving my check valve. Its right after the filters which is maybe 4 feet away from my York. Dang is that thing noisy! Not sure if thats normal or if it’s time for a new one…

I’ve never heard noise from a check valve. It must be quite loud if you can hear it while the compressor is runnung.

ill post a video later of it.

Wow that sounds funky. I’d say the spring has gone bad or broken, and the air is bouncing the check ball around inside. Time for a new one anyways.

Dang that’s loud. My AZ check valves had a slight “tinking” sound to them, but not like that.

You’re obviously replacing it, but does it seal?

It does seal. Had it overnight at 120psi and checked it in the morning and didn’t lose any pressure.