Non working Viair 380c compressor

Anyone interested in a non working Viair 12v 380C Air Compressor Chrome - 200psi? Not sure what happened to it was working fine one day then thought it blew a fuse so i put a new one in and it worked for a day then quit! I’m not sure if these are rebuild-able or not but if they are i’m sure its something small!
I’d take 30 bucks plus shipping which should be $10 or at least that’s how much it was when i bought it.

let me know my email is

How much do you want to bet that either:

  1. Needs a new leader hose.
  2. The carbon brushes are stuck.

Either way, its a simple fix.

prolly brushes

Whack the back of the pump while it has power going to it… Bet it starts right up…

either that or bad ground , or pressure switch… compressor might be just fine

Hey thanks for the help guys! I actually just bought another one from Hornblasters but im gonna need Two for my nathan k5la setup so hopefully that will work ill try the beating method first lol

Nick stay in touch, I want to see the new setup.

for sure man!
what happened to Fordtruckworld by the way it sucks now?
Got a question for you too? How are these 2 380c compressors gonna do on my new 8.5 gallon tank? Fill time wise? I know i probably should have went with something else but i already had a brand new 380c

this might sound stupid but where do i wack the compressor to try to make it come back to life lol

the long tube part of the motor

If you don’t get it going post back on here. I got a friend who might want to buy it


Whack the rear cover. You’re trying to get the motor to turn, since it may be stuck in place - by the carbon brushes… those are at the rear of the unit where the wires go into the compressor.

thanks for the help guys!

stuntgod: ill let you know if i dont get it goin!

i would go with the 480’s i actually did on my 8.5 gallon tank, and my other truck has the 495C and they are both very fast and reliable.

FTW blows, Nvader Rick from the florida chapter started and most all of the FTW people went over there, better crowd and it is alot more helpful.

after taking it all apart i found that the carbon brush assembly is stuck and the springs are not working properly! i was searching through the internet and found this write up on how to rebuild a 380c.

Do you guys sell the whole back plate assembly like the one in this picture? so i could just bolt on a new one and go?
If so how much?

thanks a ton for your help man

Hey guys havent been on here in like a year! So this compressor is still for sale if anyone wants it. i even bought that whole back plate assembly just like the one in the picture i posted but it’s still really noisy and blows fuses so idk what’s wrong with it. Anyways let me know if you are interested in it email me at

No, you don’t want to whack the motor.
A rubber mallet to the rear plate should do the trick… You’re trying to get the brushes to ride on the commutator, and they may be stuck in place.

If its blowing fuses, replace the leader hose. Its starting under load, which is making it pull high amperage. I’m confident that this is all it needs. If I were you, I’d keep it for a back up.

If you keep blowing fuses swtich to a breaker. Thats what i have and it works great.

check the power gauge make sure its not pinched any where

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