Noob from MI

So im thinking about putting a Shocker S4 Train Horn Kit with Viair 20005 Air Source in my '05 Impala. Just wanted to see if anybody knows of a good reason not too. And since Michigan winters suck and the only good place for the horns is under the rear bumper angled down should i take them out in the winter?


Welcome to the forum bro. Thats a good setup choice, I also have that setup in my Escort. Theres no need to take the horns out in the winter. I live in Toledo Ohio pretty much on the border to Michigan. Had these horns under my car all winter and no problems at all. The only thing for the winter time you should do is adding a cap full of antifreeze in your air tank and keep it pressurised all winter.

no need to take them out in the winter… and the shockers are the shiit if u don’t wat to spend some money in a k3ha.

i wouldnt recommend any other horn other than the s4

welcome to the forums. what part of michigan are you from? I never had any problems with any of my horns that i have had on my truck. the S4 is a great set of horns.


Welcome to the forum!