Sup guys. Im from Nc and im looking at buying the conductors special(5gallon). Any input? i drive a 99 single cab prerunner tacoma

go for it!! iwould definitely splurge a little and spring for the 200 psi kit!!!

welcome! im running the S4 horns with a 5 gallon tank at 200psi

ya buy it now!

200psi FTW

welcome, feel free to ask questions, that’s what we’re here for.

welcome to the forums


im saving the money for these. So the 200psi 564$ setup will be a better buy then the 594$ 150psi? im guessing because of the tank size

I would get the kit with the better compressor if it’s different. Tanks are cheap enough and can be upgraded later if you have the space on your vehicle.

the 200 kit comes with a 380c


380c is perfect until 6 months from now when you want k5’s!!