North Carolina???

guess if i can choose a kit i will be the first in here


I was born there. in Charlotte, but I moved as a kid and now am in Kentucky. Welcome to the forum

im from Goldsboro,nc

I’m from Kannapolis NC

Nope im from greensboro. Aint head anyone else with one yet!!

Greensboro here.

Where at in greensboro i aint heard any yet lol

Well I actually moved to Trinity but Im in Greensboro all the time around Wendover and Bridford, also on HP rd. My horns arent crazy loud but I use them every once in a while. I drive a lifted nissan frontier.

I’m in Raleigh. Anyone else?

I’m in Durham, drive through Raleigh every now and then.

I’ll have to look for your Trailblazer while I’m out on the road, maybe we’ll cross paths someday.

What are you driving? Post some pics, I’ll look for you as well.

Blue Lincoln Towncar, I’ll post picks once I get the install done this week.

Mocksville, NC

Welcome to the forum rescuemedic13.

I’m in Morrisville for the next month. When my lease is done I’m headed out toward Roxboro to be closer to my family.

And since this was bumped, I am relocating to Mebane next week. I will still be around the Triangle (Raleigh and Durham), but will now also be around Burlington as well.

Let’s go WOLFPACK!!! NC State Student here, will be moving back to South Carolina for the Summer time, but will be back in the fall.

Saw some sort of late model compact car, like a Mazda or the like…in Mebane NC. Car had a hornblasters sticker and a shocker sticker…gave him a hit from the Nathan P3’s, with hopes of getting horned in return, but no dice. :frowning: