north texas guy with a set of Leslies (PICS INSIDE!!!)

Hello everyone! glad to be a new member of the site. i live in a small city in north texas about 2 hours north of dallas along the red river. i recently bought my first set of horns and i’m starting a rebuild of them now. the original plan was to have the horns installed on my bagged 67 oldsmobile until i realized there was just no place to fit them! they are leslies and i’m trying to figure out just exactly what model they are. i had been thinking they were RS3L horns but after some research it seems my horn numbers are different from what most have. i have the 31 bell which is normal, then the other two are 37 and 48 so what exactly do i have here? i’m really hoping to get these re-painted and put back together with new gaskets and possibly trade them for a set of nathan K3 so i can take them apart and mount the horns individually where ever i can find room for them on my old olds. but i wanted to join the forums here because i eventually want to have a set of horns on every car i own and it seems like a fun hobby to get into. anyway heres the pictures of what i have:

and a couple broken down as they are right now (9/2/11)

i’m about to order new gaskets from Tom Aker and need to find a good place to get new bolts and washers. i’m thinking about a dark silver with red power chambers and red inside the bells. if anyone know what i have here please feel free to let me know!

Hey welcome to the forums - glad you got your account figured out.
Yeah, the Leslies are big. I don’t know much about em but some guys around here do.

yeah i’m finally on here, but now for some reason i can’t post or receive PMs. i looked around some more on the internet today and i think these are RS3K’s now i’m just wondering how these compare to the RS3L’s i think it’s just a different chord, but i don’t know which is the higher pitched one and which one is more mellow. like the nathan K’s compare to the P’s

Welcome to the forum. Sorry I cant be much help with Leslie’s, but I do know a little on Airchimes.

Welcome. The guys on will know what they are.

X2 is the must go to site. Lots of people that know a thing or two about horns. Learned a lot from those guys.

Welcome to the forum:D

looking forward to completing my rebuild and posting my horn build! got the gaskets in the mail, just need to find time to go by the specialty shop to get new bolts, and finish the paint on the power chambers and horns.