Northen Cali

or am i all alone…

So. Cal here

Northern Cali here…

So Cal, OC

San Diego baby!!! ANyone down here?

Central Cali… or Northern depending how you look at it.

Is your sig A locomotive Number ??

Haha no but that would be a cool one tho… Actually its the model of the Caterpillar engine in my squeeze.

I recognize the #. I have seen A train 3406, but can’t remember where. LOL:D

I’ve got a friend living in Willits, two living in Bakersfield and I’m in Long Beach. We all have K3s but I’m the only member of THF.

long beach hmmmmm
heh which beach is that you got your truck running over a sandcastle?

That would be a trip to Oceano Dunes OHV area. Also known as Pismo. Had a blast. That mound of sand was kind of random with nothing else around. It was a pretty big mound to be built up by some kids…

nor cal…sac:D


thank you
glad to be a member :smiley:

Bump this back up!

Norcal, Discovery Bay.

Welcome AfflictedPast!

Out toward antioch… nice…

Thank ya sir, happy to be here.

Yep, grew up in antioch/brentwood. ended up buying out this way.

Central Coast!! SLO County!!! Got a set of Shocker S4’s on… My bicycle. lol