Northfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern with Great Echo and nice sounding Horn in Payne Ohio on Saturday 10-17-2009 at 11.00pm

Help! What make of HORN is this on this train? Sounds Different Than any other horn I have heard.

If the video had any tags I could tell you but since it doesn’t, I’ll have to wait till I get home to listen to it… my phone’s youtube app won’t search for videos without tags lol

hard to tell from that video… seems very trebley

Sounds like bad quality audio, and a newer k5.

Yeah that audio is pretty bad (or the horn one lol) but it sounds like a K5 to me as well.

And for the record it’s Norfolk Southern :smiley:

No It is not the audio. The Horn was very Soft It was not Loud at all but it did create a very nice echo

Norfolk Southern heading EB on the Payne OH main on Saturday 10-17-2009
at the State Hwy 49 crossing. a very nice sounding K5LA

Crossing gate have both Mechanical and Electronic bells.

Do you know what number that locomotive was? It went by too fast and I couldn’t catch it.

It sounds like A Nathan K5LLA. I have one of these. The K5LLA uses #1L…low B @ 262 Hz and they replace the #5…D# octave (622)Hz to give A very LOW note to the sound. Very common on newer freight trains. The K5LLA uses Bell #s 1L 1, 2, 3A, 4A,

Is this what you heard>>

I always thought for some reason that Norfolk Southern used Leslie horns. I dunno though.