Not filling all the way!!!

So I baught a set of train horns from a swap meet and they worked great for a month. About a week ago the tank stopped filling all the way. When they worked properly the pressure would be 120psi. Now it pumps to 50psi and the compressor will keep running and it wont fill anymore. Im pretty new to the train horn market so please help. I live in Wisconsin; could the sudden temp. drop cause it or what? Like i said im new to the train horn market.

hmmmmm perhaps more detail? what compressors. could be something wrong with the pressure switch
check for any major leaks too.

+2 more detail…I’d check for small leaks somewhere, could be a small split in an airline or joint that is opening around 50psi?

It is a World Imports compressor. I have checked for leaks and there are no major leaks.

There shouldnt be any leaks. Perhaps the compressor rings are bad, something internal on the compressor.

What valve to let air to the horns are you running. If compressor keeps going the pressure switch is fine.

Do you have a safety valve on the tank, that may be leaking.

I say you have a good leak thats hard to find, or the compressor has a issue.

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FYI - many companies build compressors - only a few that do, are able to build compressors with a maximum working pressure adequate for train horn use.

This sounds like a chinese copy compressor to me, but I can’t be sure. Typically, the copies have sub-standard piston seals, steel cylinders, and are not rated for any pressure above 80-100 PSI at the most. Even then, that’s pushing it. I have found that most compressors can do 50-80 PSI faithfully, but that the stretch to 100-120 psi or more will take its toll on the unit quickly. -This sounds like your experience.

BTW - does yours look like this?

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agreed with that^

I used to have those chinese comps before and went through two before getting the lowest cost Viair comp that can do 150psi and had it for a while now and no problems since installing. plan on switching to a 400C after this one gives up (which I think would take a while :smiley: )

No my compressor does not look like that but i understand what you are saying. My buddy was checking it out last week and he accidently switched the 2 wires on the pressure switch and then the compressor wouldnt pump any air into the tank. I think i am just going to buy a new compressor. Any suggestions? Something around $150 would be nice.

Check Hornblasters, they’ll have what you’re looking for.

i definately like it. i was just thinking about a turbo4 or 351 ranger the other day. i was browsing Dragtimes. but i have too many projects…lol