Not for the squeamish - Blood!!!

Heres what I done the other day, I was cutting some old wood and timber for our garden wood burner on a table top circular saw & I ended up almost, but not quite taking the top of my thumb off! It took five injections direct into the cuts to numb the the thumb before they put 5 stiches in to sew it together again.:eek::eek::eek:


Hamburger alert!

You know it’s best to use another piece of wood intead of your hand, right?:eek:

looks fine, stop being a baby :stuck_out_tongue:

Errrmmm just a bit!!

Butchers sausage:eek:

But I cut up all the wood and had none left so I thought I’d use my thumb to do it;)

I cant help it! lol, I only have to tap it slightly and the tears start flowing lol