Not happy..

I may get booted from here because of this post but had to vent.
The last 3 orders with Hornblasters has been anything but stellar.
My first order got screwed up bigtime, bought a whole horn kit with pump and tank. The horns came first, then after 3 emails they tell me the pump and tank were held up due to snow. OK, I understand that. The pump/tank came 5 days after the horns. They only shipped about 4 feet of air line, when ad says 15 feet. Called and they said they will send it priority mail and should have it in 3 days, 11 days later it came and after looking at the tracking number I finally got, it didn’t leave their warehouse for 4 days, a day after I was told I would have it…
Just ordered the dual 444c pumps and a 5 gallon tank yesterday, paid for it all at once through paypal, (I have the confirmation email from paypal that says they accepted payment)
Was told sales person would email me the tracking number right away and I will have pumps and tank by this Friday, the 13th.
I just got off the phone with them and the sales person I dealt with didn’t come in today and my order is now placed on hold!!! Looks like I won’t be putting the pumps and tank in this weekend!
Not happy…

You wont get booted from the forum for your opinion and I totally understand your frustration. Maybe once Matt see’s this post he can help you out.

From the many posts I’ve read yours is an unsual case because Hornblasters has a great service reputation!

Maybe it’s just us people in Wisconsin they don’t like.
The first screwed up order the woman sent 2 tee shirts for the mistake on thses other 2, nothing was offered and when I asked what they will do for me because of 3 orders and 3 mishaps, nothing was offered.
Talked to the sales woman this morning and they say it “should be” shipped out today, which means I won’t get it til next week wed or Thursday…
Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Sorry to hear about the bad luck.
I placed an order in December. It arrived quickly, but was missing a part.
Talked to Rigo the Monday before Christmas - he said he’d take care of it - no questions asked. I specifically told him not to rush, I don’t need it before Xmas. Low & behold it showed up on Thursday…

I don’t know about getting free junk, but seems like they will always always make the order right.

I’ve placed a couple orders with them, and yeah it does take time shipping from Florida. I used to live in Tampa, and any kind of mail/parcel shipping in and out of Florida takes extra time … even more so for me now that I’m in the Pacific Northwest.

Call and talk with Rigo, Matt, or Mattie and they’ll be able to make it right for you.


Just checked the tracking number now, at 8am Thursday morning.
Says, arrival scan in Jacksonville Fl at 4:14am on Thursday. I doubt I will have it Friday as promised, more like Tuesday or Wed.

Stuff Does happen. We are sorry that this occurred with you as many times as it did. This is unacceptable and we would be glad to offer you a discount on your next order. Any additional questions or concerns you can reach me directly at 813-783-8058 x 305

I have never had trouble or ne of my buddies that have ordered ne thing have had trouble

^^ Rigo, you da man!