Not necessarily a horn video, but...

hahaha so yea, this video pretty much has NOTHING to do with train horning or train horning accessories…but…

Aside from the fact I had to change my pants after seeing this sexy car, I IMMEDIATELY thought of all you guys when it came to 1:35 in this video…what kind of horn is on this train…

My guess is it kinda sounds like a K5LA but I could be wrong! lol

Post your answers if you think you know what it is, and enjoy the video in the mean time. If you’re into cars that have stupid amounts of horse power (in the 1200 to 1500+ range) you should check out more of the videos posted by this guy.

I LOVE NRE! Ive been building a trans am race car for about a year and i plan to put one of his LSX engines in it. no turbos, all motor :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

yah thats definitely a K5

I watched the Video just to hear the train going by!! haha!!!

lol all motor at like 1000+HP on pump gas! hahaha

Do you have any pictures of the project!?! I love old cars!

hahaha going back and watching through more of his videos you can hear that train a couple times! lol

1000hp nahh it will prob be 700-800 on race gas.

its not that old… is an 87 trans am.
yah i got pics but only thing thats visible is the roll cage and thats only like half way done.