Not really a horn scare but still a scare!

Well I had a set a HB4H’s but recently had to sell them for cash :frowning: so i just had the horn button hooked up to a 1/2" blitzluft valve. Well 200psi through a blitzluft valve is pretty damn loud lol I decided to go scaring some people on the way to work one day n saw my buddy walking to the store n gave him a good “honk”. Well I didnt see this old old lady on the other side of the truck until she screamed n fell to her knees! I thought she had a heart attack so I went n checked up on her, she ended up being fine she told me “I thought someone shot a damn gun so I ducked!” Ever since then I haven’t honked at old people :stuck_out_tongue: I got a new set a HB4H’s now

fallens where are u at in lox? i live by seminole and northlake

I live off Apache and Tangerine

LOL good story, welcome

I used to live by Lake Worth RD. and 441

Nice story