Not really a scare story but...

I was at an open house for our vet’s offices this weekend. (I’m a pro-animal, and pro-pet advocate in my spare time who does a lot of animal rescue).

One of the vehicle there had kids who kept hopping into daddy’s F-250 truck to honk the horn. After a few honks, I decided to let them feel the fury… so I opened the door of the Tundra, started the engine and gave two or three 5 second blasts of the horns.

Every single person out of more than 100 people present stopped everything and looked across the parking lot at my truck. It was then that the owner of the Ford yelled, “YOU WIN !!”

I think I made the kids fill their pull-ups…

HAHA thats awesome lance

LOLOL. Toyota> Ford???

ahhahaha nice

sweet revenge…lol