Not sure what I need for proper install...

I have a Wolo 847 Siberian Express and 840 tank/compressor already mounted in spare tire well of my TrailBlazer. A buddy and I are going to wire it up within the week, but I have a few questions before we do:

  1. Do I need a relay? I keep reading alot in the forums about it, but isn’t it true that its unnecessary since the pull from switch to solenoid is less than quarter of an amp?
  2. Am I missing anything for a proper install?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

I don’t know what’s in that kit, but didn’t the compressor come with a relay?
The trigger wire is very low amperage, but the compressor itself could draw some decent juice. Did it come with a diagram?

I don’t have a Relay for my shocker S4 solenoid or my truck semi horn but it still wouldn’t hurt to put one in. As long as your Compressor has a relay with the correct amps to power it you shouldn’t have a problem.

My Shocker setup does not have a relay! I have a fused feed from the battery to the pressure switch, then from the pressure switch to the compressor.
I suppose a relay would not hurt, however I have had problems with relays arcing and sticking in the past.

I think I misread your question.
You do not need a relay for the horn solenoid.

I was also reading a little about that kit. They show the pressure switch on the tank and they say the compressor only draws 12amps. You might just run it like Stinky does - without a relay.

Man I hope you didn’t pay the prices I was looking at. LOL