Not sure where to locate

I have a 1995 dakota with a open bed not really to sure where to put the train hors for the best sound. also are compressors loud? i would sleep alot better at night knowing its not in my truck not in the bed and open to be stolen at any given time. Youngs punks around my house like to steal for fun.:mad:

the compressor is not that loud i have mine inside my car and it doesn’t boder me at all… what if you mount the compressor in the back of the car beside where the spare tire goes or any other place down there?

I worry that water dirt and salt do to michigans poop hole of a weather system will trash it

Mount it in a strong box fixed to the flat bed…???

Yeah stinkys right. Make sure its lockable. Also, you might want to invest in a shotgun. Or if you like pistols, try the judge :slight_smile:

the shot gun sounds better then a pistol i mean how much loud would you yell F#*k when you here a 12 gauge rack behind you over a pistol. but yeah i am doing a diamond plate truck box here soon but just for the mean time till i got the cash i want to run my horns and not have them coming up missing.