nother funny

My wife has 2 problems. One is the fact that everytime she gets drunk she gets mean. She always looks for a fight, or a way to make me feel like poop me. The other problem is that every morning after she gets drunk she has an explosive watery poop. One night she pushed me to far.

She was drunk of course and felling a little frisky so we we messing around and I tried to put it in the butt, she got mad and started talking poop, about how I’m no good and my Richard is small, and that she probally wouldn’t even feel it. so we never did have sex.

After she went to sleep I couldn’t get the pain of her saying my Richard was small out of my head. I wanted to embarrass her as much as she embarrased me. So I got an Idea

I went to my sons room and got his bad of marbles. i then went to my secret stash and got a bottle of lube. I could just image her reactions when you poop marbles the next morning. I lubed them up one at a time and slowly pushed each one in. About a hundered in all. I got so excited I jerked off then giggled my self to sleep.

The next morning I woke up so excited I couldn’t stand it. I made allot of noise getting dressed so she would wake up. She did and not 3 minutes later she said " oh my stomach. not again" and ran to the bathroom. I was in thee brushing my teeth. Usually she would tell me to leave but the urge was to intense. She sat down and let it rip.

She dam near had a heart attack from the noise. The marbles hitting the porcelin sounded like a machine gun going off in the bathroon. She turned white as a sheet and stood up. Still shitting all over the place. Marbles rolling all over the floor as they bounced around. It took her a couple of minutes to put it all together. She said " What the ****" I just laughed and laughed as she packed her poop and left.

I really do kind of miss her though.

hahahahahahahaha. I would love to see something like that on camera.

It’s posts that like that make me relic in the pride of running a forum :slight_smile: haha. good work, this actually made me laugh.

hahaha. What the hell?

Thats honking hilarious omfg

did you get that somewhere, or was that actually you? haha

oh no that wasnt me…lol i dont have a wife im only 19

thats good. haha

If you really did that we gotta hangout…