Now Available: VIAIR Mounting Brackets

Take the guesswork out of how to mount your compressors with VIAIR’s new compressor mounting brackets. Constructed from 11-gauge mild steel that is stamped and welded, then powder coated satin black - these brackets will allow you to easily mount from a frame rail or other vertical surface, while still allowing the compressor to remain in the manufacturer’s suggested position: flat & level.

P/N 95901
Retail Price: - Around $20.
Fits all compressors from 200 Series up to and including the new 490 Series.

not a bad price

how do i order one?


Order them through Hornblasters, they have access to the full line of VIAIR Products.

These are seriously beefy compressor mounts. A case of them holds 10 brackets, and is heavy as hell. These will definitely stand up to the abuse of being installed outside. Always remember to route the air filter to a clean, dry location if mounting compressors on the chassis or other exterior location on your vehicle.

my friend has a question to LANCE- will thse mounts fit his 550c compressor…

Since we do not sell the 550C anymore, I don’t have one to measure to check. I don’t know if they will fit the 550C or not. Can you measure from left to right and front to back from the grommet centers, in millimeters? I’ll check the build information from what you provide to me so I can answer your question.

An official release on these:

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I can see it… that’s strange…

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