Now have to find a new Honk spot

I usually would go to a park n ride to set off the K5’s or 3’s but, last time I was there well, lets just say I almost became one of those “Missing persons” Cases. I backed into my spot, and some white Ford F-250 pulls up and blocks me in, I hop back into the drivers seat, lock my doors. The window of the truck rolls down as a man is smiling holding a big knife. I hear someone try to open my back double doors so, I throw it in reverse, heard a loud “THUD” and screaming, throw it in Drive cut my wheels to the right and floor it. I don’t condone driving like this but It was 100% necessary to get the hell out of there. I drove out of there like a bat out of hell. I Then, waved down 2 sheriffs and told them what had happened. They took my name, info, and reported it. My life seriously flashed before my eyes. Hope all is well with you all here.