Now this is some funny poop

ahhahaaa i so going to do this to my girlfriend lol

make sure they have their eyes closed first


haha… i would do that to anyone…thats a funny prank

ive never laugh’d so hard till i seen this,holy crap her face expression is priceless


OMG! LMAO! the cloud it created was unbelieveable.the slow mo made me laugh so hard my eyes started to water ! GREAT PRANK!:eek::D:D:D

This is a very good prank have to try it here in korea

be careful or she might use your tooth brush to clean the toilet

you have to hide your personal belongings first. haha

bahaha priceless

how would you not notice somone holding a camera over the shower curtain and not expect that something is up?

I can’t believe people do this. the powder can catch a spark from the hair dryer and ignite into a huge fireball. Its the same concept as dust explosions. It can leave people scarred…

other than that good vid lol

bet some1 aint getting any sexy time for a long long time ha ha

brilliant prank… that face, priceless

that quirky laughter from that guy who did it haha… stupid