Oasis Duty Cycles

Duty Cycles have become quite the topic recently so here’s our specs.

The XD3000 is 100% @ 100 PSI @ 72 degrees. At 150 PSI running 45 minutes is ok for the first hour but it really should have about 30 minutes to cool down before running another 45 minutes. This is unusual for our compressors in an air horn application because of their quick fill rates.

Of course you’ll need a high output alternator to keep up with it that long.

If you need the compressor to run longer than that, we have the XD4000. Its duty cycle is 100% at 200 PSI at 72 degrees. We ran this compressor for 10 hours straight at that pressure & temperature. It provides its own cooling as long as it has some ventilation around it.

10 hours! That’s something else

Yeah, we had some potential customers ask if ours could run continuously so we made the XD4000. It’s kind of funny because only 1 or 2 of those actually bought.

I won’t be able to spend much time helping here anymore as I’m no longer HB’s sales representative. Someone else was responsible for bringing them to us so he’s their rep now.

I may look in from time to time but contact me by e-mail (my user name) if you have any technical questions.

Sorry to see you go!

I’m not gone but my attendance will subside.

Sad times Dan.

But I keep coming back more than I thought I would. I guess I’m hooked.

Besides, I doubt these guys would get the same help from the other guy. When Oasis is successful, so am I.

Haha I noticed. You’ve only got a million posts…

True story. We always appreciate your help