Oasis - world's most powerful 12V air compressor

Whether they are used for air ride, air brakes, air horns, running a 1/2” impact wrench, filling large agricultural tractor tires or even high pressure Semi truck tires as well as RVs, blowing the dirt out of filters or equipment, or running air tools in remote locations… Oasis air compressors are unrivaled in performance. In some cases you don’t even need a tank.

Feel free to post your questions or concerns here.

Also most expensive…lol

You get what you pay for

Blah enough about Oasis thats all we hear about on this forum now LOL.

Also the only one proudly made in the USA!

Now you should only hear about them on this thread and the one labled “Blow those horns more often”"

Oasis? I might be a little late on this thread, but they are cool for air ride, now I dont owe a Oasis, but I use engine driven compressors…ac units from Grand Cherokees on my s10 to power my setup 0-120 psi less then 20 seconds…

Yes, that’s very common in the off road market but why sacrifice your A/C? Why will the 4x4 crowd spend $1000 on a winch that they may never use but not on a compressor that would get used every time they air down and save time doing it?

Does yours dicharge a lot of oil? Do have to check the oil level with a dipstick?

Sure, our compressor isn’t cheap but it does provide a lot of convenience.

Do you have automatic tire deflators?

I wasnt dissing the product since you came at me with a attack, and no, My AC is still in its place, so is the heat. Yeah, doesnt any compressor produce anything, I ran four water traps on my AC comp, and it produces just as much air as anything else would on the market. I just mentioned a cheaper way to do it other then spending a 1000 bucks on something you could just get enough knowledge on and run twice as fast as your compressor, no big deal. And yeah, its possible to run 3 engine driven compressors on a 2.2L motor…if someone doesnt want AC in one spot they have that as the 3rd option…all kits are bolt in.

yea i want an EDC bad for my truck… Speed is what I want the most…

Your best bet is to get the bolt on bracket for the type of motor you have in your avalanche, usually from “airbagit.com” they have the Sanden 508 brackets…suggest running Copper hard line or steel braided all the way back to your tanks to keep the heat down, i’d have to take pictures and show you how I ran mine, its very easy to run…3 to 4 water traps, and a check valve…that too. lol

I wasn’t attacking you and I’m sorry because it wasn’t meant that way. I was simply explaning what seems to be common among off roaders. The majority are willing to sit around and party for 45 minutes waiting for their little compressor to fill their tires. I have nothing against that as long as the driver isn’t partying before driving on the road.

I was trying to explain the difference, mainly oil discharge, between yours and ours.

Again, I appologize for any misunderstanding.

why buy a 12v- get a york ac compressor from a junkyard for about $50 and mount it to your engine and get a longer belt i have this setup and it is kick-@$$ and i dont have to worry about wiring up a high amperage compressor and if it burns up i can buy a new one for $200 plus it has its own oil supply

If you can do that, then by all means continue. Engine driven compressors are hard to beat. Did you give up your A/C to do it?

For those machinist who can construct their own brackets, pulleys, or tensioners, go for it! Just remember that to get our performance you might need to run your vehicle’s engine at a higher RPM. Checking the oil level with a dipstick can be a pain too. If you’re pump uses an external oil reservior that’s attached to the normal fill spot then that oil is going to be discharged even faster causing you to drain your tank more often.

We get “A LOT” of customers who say they don’t have enough room to add anything to the engine, especially on new vehicles, so they get ours because it can be mounted just about anywhere. Some have told me they would void their engine’s warranty if anything was added to it.
Others don’t run them long enough to worry about the power consumption because they are so fast or maybe they don’t want to start their vehicle just to get air out of their compressor.
Then there’s the enthusiast who just wants the most performance and doesn’t want to bother with the other stuff.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present the other guy’s point of view.

i run a york on my 91 suburban look at the pix in my gallery it does discharge small amounts of oil but thats fine it pumps a 5 gal tank to 150 psi in less than 20 seconds

Is that 20 seconds to fill the tank from 0 PSI or is that the top off time?

20 seconds is still fast no matter if its from 0 or the low psi limit

very true but it helps me to know how fast the pump is turning. too fast for too long can damage the rod and rod cap bearings because it splases the oil away and starves them of oil.

that is from 0 and engine at 2000 rpm

that shouldn’t hurt the pump at all, especially with how short it runs. my only concern would be if your system developed a leak where the compressor was running continuously for a long time.