ob2 leaderhose.

I have an obe2 and have a question about leader hose. I notice both ends are a flare on the fittings, do I need any sort of sealent on the threads when i put it together, thanks

No, not on the flare or flare threads.
Only on the tapered pipe threads of the tank fitting.

Welcome to the forums. What all are you installing?

P3 ob2, small air tank for now, 8.5 gallon in future with a second 0b2. Using upfitter for switched power for preassure switch, 0 guage wire for 12v positive. 80 amp anl, 1/2 airline, smc nickle solenoid

Welcome to the forum. 0 gauge might be overkill, depending on the length, for just a couple of ob2’s. Then again, having it there will be great in case you add more compressors or upgrade to more powerful ones.

Yeah i know its overkill but if i ever wanna upgrade to an oasis ill have the wire ran already plus got a good deal on the 0 when i did my 1300 watt kicker system, been a member for a while but forgot my user name and password, used to have shockers and a viair 480c

on a side note i am using the uppfitter switch to provide a switched power source for preassure switch, what fuse rating should i use, the 10 amp switch or the 15 thanks

The pressure switch only triggers a relay so 5 amp for me.

cool thanks

i have 2 480c and an ob2. can i hook them up to same

Yes, you might have to use a tee fitting to add a port, but the tank doesn’t care.
Each compressor should have its own relay & you should trigger all three relays with the same pressure switch. Make sure the pressure switch has its own port - or at least not sharing a port with a compressor. The compressor pulses can fool the pressure switch.