oba and shocker xl

is it worth getting? because I noticed all the viair oba systems, the tanks are only 1/4" npt ports. so its going to go 1/4" at the tank to 1/2" at the valve back to 1/4" at the 4-way split to the horns? sounds to me the horns aren’t going to get its full potential. I really wanted to go with the 20001 model
cause I like the size of the tank which I can fit in most places and its a 2.5 which is .5 bigger air space than the 240 kit.
would it be best to find a tank with the 1/2" npt port? or would the 1/4" npt port perform just as well?

I would probably piece together a kit to get what you need.

My two new air tanks just got dropped off at the welders to install AN fitting Bungs. I made individual flange manifolds for the K5LA horns and the Distribution Manifold. They will have the AN Fitting Bungs as well. the K5LA Mounting brackets are drawn in CAD. I need to run over to Makeitlabs.com to cut them out on the CNC Plazma cutter. Then comes the task of making brackets to mount the York 210 compressor on my Dodge RAM HEMI engine.


Welcome to the forum! Horns are very air hungry so I’d go 1/2" or larger as much as possible.

I wouldn’t worry about the 1/4" tank port.
If the wall thickness of your 1/2" DOT tubing is .062", the inside diameter is .376".
1/4" schedule 40 pipe has an inside diameter of .364".

Who knows the exact ID of the 1/4" fitting, but it’s not worth sweating.
Also, I believe the splitter that comes with the Shockers is 1/2" NPT.

I’d love to see the CAD drawing.