Oddball adapter/fitting

Okay guys, I don’t know where else to look or ask for this so here goes …

I’m part of a local ATV/UTV club and won our monthly raffle, so I picked up a no-name brand LED whip with a 12mm-1.25 extra fine pitch male connector with a locking washer and nut. I want to use a spring mount for it so I don’t break it, but everything I’m finding is based on CB radio antenna mounts which are 3/8"-24, including the Firestik brand of LED whips.

What I need is a female 12mm-1.25mm extra fine to male 3/8"-24 adapter (with an internal opening for the hot wire) so I can use the readily available spring mounts from manufacturers like Firestik, etc., and get this thing on my Can-Am Commander.




I tried browsing the internet with every alternative to your part description and found nothing. Good Luck

Why not just drill and tap the 3/8-24 spring mount to the larger 12mm-1.25mm?

Now that’s an idea … let me see if this will work.