Off Topic From: Conductor Special vs K5LA

stfu verison…lol
dont listen to him…he smokes crack

It could be a crackhead. lol

look… up in da tree!

its version! the little crack head leprechaun

whooooooooooooooooooooo whooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

I have my leprechaun flute which was passed down to me…lol

haha they had someone directing traffic. I still cant believe that. freakin’ retards. but I have to admit, if I lived down there I would check it out just so say I did. lol

LOL… i woulda just been like version if u dont get ur donkey down from that tree!

I wanna find me da gold. where da gold at

ima rent a backhoe and dig up that tree…


laughin donkey my off?

that guy wants to make himself another grill


from the gold he finds under the tree

no gold under trees…
crazy people

that they are.

hes saying he should be the only post whore around here! lol

lol… version is my minime post whore… he handles my small comments for me…lol

ehhhh depends on how you have them set up ;