Official Halloween Video Contest

CANCELED: No Entrys…

Ok people, its time to get your video cameras out and start filming. Today is the official start of the Halloween Video Contest. You must follow the rules and regulations that are stated below! There will be a 1st place grand prize and prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place winners also. So remember to have fun and keep it family oriented!

[b]Rules & Regs.

  1. You must be a registered member at to enter.

  2. Video guidelines: Submitted Videos must be new videos created in October. (If possible turn on date stamp on video) Keep it family oriented. (No vulgar language / nudity) The Video must contain someone yelling out “”, a Hornblasters sticker displayed somewhere or preferably a watermark on the video saying “”. This is to keep other sites from stealing videos. Submitted videos will become the property of

  3. Video must be submitted online through a video hosting site. Example- / The link to the video must be submitted by posting the link in The Official Video Contest Entry thread. When uploading the video make sure to have “ Halloween Video Contest” in the description

  4. If more than 10 videos are submitted, the top 10 will be picked by members and placed in a poll for users to vote on at

  5. Submitted video must contain Train Horn, P.A. or Train Whistle usage or other products sold by

  6. 1st place winner will receive a HornBlasters Gift pack including DVD, Shirt, Coolie, Stickers, Liquid donkey, some other good stuff - 2nd & 3rd place winners will receive a Shocker Can Coolie and sticker

  7. Deadline for Video submition is 11.05.08. A poll will be set up on 11.06.08 for voting and will end 11.15.08. Voting will be by registered users of

  8. Winners will be notified by e-mail on 11.16.08 winners will need to respond to the email with their mailing information.[/b]

tight. need to get filming.

Nice time to get me a better camera hah.

Oooh this contest…lol

yes this contest. Do they have t shirts on yet. I wanted to buy one but it says they are sold out… its been like that since i bought my horns lol

im not sure… u can always call them…

yea. im too lazy lol ill do it later this week

lol…lazy donkey

yes. school takes up too much time. lol that and scaring people

haha i wish scaring was my daily job… actually i have always wanted to do sumtin with it…
i want to go to Hollywood and scare famous people and film it…lol

haha make a new video. hornblasters goes Hollywood

yeah thats what i wanted to do…
or drive around with 1 cool celeb and we both go scarin his celeb friends…lol

Im going to a poop load of bars gonna get some good scares :slight_smile:

Im just going to stay on campus… sorority girls always make for a good scare.

i knew this would be a good idea.

well gentlemen (where are the f*in girls?) I DO BELIEVE IT IS ON

Where are the videos? I was sitting in the deer woods trying to let the air out of a monster buck.


I hope someone enters this contest lol

i didnt

i know its too late but i wanted to add my video footage all the way in korea…im jeremy the avid hornblaters guy from texas…im currently stationed in korea and i recently put my k5lla on my humvee…the m998…we got alot of good video of scaring the hell out of some koreans. funny how all the locomotives here have leslie rs-3k horns…

its not too late deadline if nov. the 5th… hopefully someone will enter!