oh yeeaaaaaa

i got my k5la’s installed tonight…:eek:
Matt thanks for everything.
ill post some pics on here tomorrow:D

i can vouch… makes p5’s into p***y 5’s and k5’s into king 5’s… lol just the size difference is amazing!!!

get some vids up… haha

i can assure you that fri night me and slo hatch will be filming!!! lol… here we come tampa bay!


hehe cant wait for the vids

no vids tonight…gonna be doing the dual 480c install…pics tomorrow tho

In response to post #1

For something that appeals to kids, that Koolaid guy sure is distructive…lol See how TV is corrupting those young minds.

Fo sho…but i dont know a p series has that distinct sound that you will not get over any horn just like the m series…

lmao! i can never get enough of koolaid man

koolaid = teh shiz

i wanna be him for halloween next yr…lol

that would be awesome.

YEAH , your gonna love that k5.I was happy at first with my k3 but it wasn’t the intimidator like the k5 is.:smiley:

its all done just gotta upload the pics