ok so got pulled over tonight

ok so im blowing my k3 havin some fun going home from work… and i started to notice a caravan of some sort following me not knowing it was 2 cops… so after 10 min of driving and hittin the horn every now and then they pull me over… and they said hit your horn so i hit it and it was my stock horn so he said hit the other horn and one cop hit the horn i dont know for sure if they were cops well they werent at all in uniform one cop asked me for my license but nothing else askec me where i was coming from i said work he gave me a whole story about them being illegal that u can feel the ground shake with them etc and that he could take my whole car apart … i was like how are they illegal … so my question to you guys is i live in N.Y state long island … how do i find out if they are illegal… i mean im sure its not gonan say train horn illegal so what and how would i go about finding this out… and my other question is… if it is illegal isnt it just a Ticket this guy was like pissed off telling me he could strip my car down whats ur take on this…i did laugh under my breath when the cop found my on switch as he was standing outside my car and then hit my horn as he didnt expect it to me such a blast he jumped himself lmao

I know there is some sort of law that says about altering the factory horn above a certain db… You just gotta be smarter where you are blowing them… If a vehicle is following you, dont keep blowing the horn! Ditch the follower :stuck_out_tongue: of course im joking… but seriously , take this as a lesson / close call. could have very well been under cover / swat / narcotics / fbi… etc…

ur horn can only emmit a certain sound of db other wise it will be illegal in some states, i would check with ur department of motor vehicle…
Um how did a couple of guys in a van pull u over?? if i saw a van behind me and even if they had the strobes and sirens but no labels on the vehicle im callin to make sure its a legit cop esp if they are not in uniform… and no they cant take ur car apart because of a horn, its usually just a ticket,

i know there’s laws truckers have to follow. like they can’t honk their horns in cities, in very downtown areas, and whatnot.
it shouldn’t be illegal to have a train horn on your car. it doesn’t pollute or anything, which is why other things are illegal. its just illegal to actually use the horn.

The officer reached inside your vehicle? That’s not acceptable. I’m sure you could fight this in court.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some law saying they can confiscate anything illegal on your vehicle. Some states can confiscate the whole vehicle for carrying illegal substances and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to use that law for illegal equipment too.

Yah I would agree with garrett 110%. If the officer reached into my vehicle I would have his a$$ in court before he finished his coffee !!! lol

or donut :smiley:

LOL RIGHT !!! There was a cop in town that heard my K3’s tonight and he saw me at mickey dee’s. His exact words were (those horns are F@#$^!& rediculous) I just smiled lol