Ok to install the air compressor under the truck but use the remote intake assembly?

So I had the air compressor installed under the truck and used the remote intake to run the filter inside the cabin(hidden in a side panel). Do I need to worry about the compressor being outside(even though the intake is inside the truck)?

Anycompressor can be damaged from being under a truck from road debris or wether conditions but i have had mine under my truck for a few years and never had a problem

Agreed. Viair & Air Zenith compressors are sealed and can take a beating. We’ve been selling both for years and almost all of them end up under vehicles. No one seems to have any problems with them being underneath. In fact the most recent HB vehicles have had the same 400 and 450C compressors on them for about 3 years under the vehicle and they’re still working fine!

Just make sure not to submerge the compressor (wading through deep water, etc) and if for some reason you end up in that situation, make sure not to run your compressor while it is.

Just to add. My compressor is under my truck but it is attached to the actual bed but like mentioned above, they run fyne once not submerged. Checking them once in a while for any visible damage may also help too.

As long as the compressor in question is sealed, you will not have a problem - as long as you remote mount the intake filter as you have.

Even though an Oasis has a ventilated and fan cooled motor, it can be mounted under a vehicle as long as it is shrouded from road debris and the intake filter is relocated somewhere dry. It should also be turned off when going through deep water.

Mounting under the vehicle is not recommended in a salt environment, like boat launching in the ocean, or in areas where they use a de-icing agent on the roads because it accelerates aging.