Okay so k3 vs k5.. which is PERCEIVED to be louder?

To any of those who have heard them next to each other in person… I know Nathan’s diagrams show that a k3 is a decible or two louder, but I think i’ve heard people say the k5 sounds a bit louder in person. Which is it?

it sounds louder because the K5 is higher pitched because of the 2 smaller extra bells…


a K3 is noticeably louder…if u run 150psi in a 1/2 line…the 3 bells will be louder because they get more air…the same 1/2line with 5 bells…each bell gets less air…the k5 will sound a higher pitch but a K3 will still carry farther

K5 ftw!

its nice to have…i have had about 3 k5s…and like 5 K3s…the k3s are always louder…a k5 is a nicer looking/sounding horn…but for the louder…a K3…no way around physics

this isn’t a question of physics it’s a question of perception

buy a K5, and make/buy individual manifolds. each with their own valve/solenoid and coming from an individual port on your tank… BAM you have a louder horn lol

it is physics…if the horns volume increases with the an increase in air volume…then a k3 will win because more air gets to blow throw the bells compared to a K5…u just gotta hear both horns side by side…with the same air setup,same lines tank…same PSI…and the difference is there…i take u havent heard both 2 seconds apart since u dont have any nathans…once u get some…u will know the difference

think you could post a video shooting them side by side?

yea ill make one tommorrow…

awesome man… can’t wait

been raining everyday…cant make a vid yet…

how bout today

today is a good day for blastin.but i wont be home til 11pm…so i dont want the neighbors to get pissed…