Okie from Muskogee!

Greetings from Oklahoma!

I’ve been watching videos and researching for the past two weeks and wanted to join in on the fun. I just put in my order for the Shocker S4’s with the 20008 ViAir. Hope to get them by next week and put them on during Spring Break and have some fun!


Welcome to the forum and post some pics when you can.

welcome!.. thats a great kit, post pics =)

Welcome to the forums, im from Mustang Oklahoma. I just bought the same kit a week ago.

Welcome and congratz on the horns!

WELCOME…is that a parachute harness you are putting on…

i used to be a PARACHUTE RIGGER that why it looked familar…


Yep, putting on a parachute for a flight in the Pitts S2B. Most fun anyone can have!! I can’t wait to get the horns, suppose to be here Thursday! I can’t wait!