Old member saying HEY again!

Hey guys been awhile since I been on the site. Figured I’d say hey again I almost feel like a newbie its been awhile. But started up a new install yesterday. So figured I’d get back on board and maybe even post a few pics along the way and afterwards!!!

Sounds good, what horn are you installing?

I’m basically reinstalling a K5ha I use to have and sold to a guy then purchased back.

Welcome back to the forum and being a horn owner again. Seems like its the trend for some of us, that and we all come back. :smiley:

Get some pics and video for us. :cool:

Haha hello!

Welcome back.

Hey, good to see you back.

Ear2ear I’m just now getting around to installing the tanks I purchased from you awhile back and the OB2 compressors I had purchased at from Air Zenith! I dont know how I have held onto something so long without using it lol

^^ You and me both! I’m real good at buying parts, but it takes forever to get them installed. I hope to get some honkage this summer.

Hey man welcome back!