om board air wanted

looking for onboard air set up for my k5la horns need a tank and prefer two compressors but one can do i cannot pay cash but want to trade for a dd audio 9500 series competition subwoofer if interested shoot me a text at 813 838 1738 im located in Tampa FL and i would like to avoid having to ship due to the price to ship speaker because it weighs 40+ lbs feel free to call or text at any time of night im usually uo very late working on projects till 5 or 6 am eastern time

what size 9500? i have an outback xtremeaire compressor which are about 400 new. one is equivalent to a dual pack of 480s

9500 series ten inch I’m still trying to learn the site so I will post pictures as soon as I find out how lol if you need any immediately feel free to text me

Welcome to the forum. Nice woofer but not for an Oasis compressor. In my discussions with customers, ExtremeAir compressors are better than most except Oasis.

I’m not specifically looking for an oasis even though I would love to have one I just need a compressor that can handle enough air for a k5la

Really what you need to ask yourself is “How quickly do I want to air back up?”.

I’m running the Extreme Outback ExtremeFlow EDC in my '08 Ram with a Cummins 6.7L and love it. I do recommend that if you go this route, there are two minor issues you’ll need to address:

  1. A longer leader hose

  2. Replacing your power steering lines

These were the only problems I had with the kit. I replaced the power steering lines since their install recommends “slightly bending” the metal parts of the lines near the pump, so I went to a hydraulic line specialist and just did it the right way. The leader hose they included wasn’t long enough, so I simply used some 1/4 inch Goodyear high temp and oil resistant hose that I picked up from a farm supply store (specifically, D&B Supply) and added to it.


Don’t care much about time just care about it working lol

Because I have to fill 24 gallons for my k5las on my truck

^^^ that’s a pretty important detail there! 24 gallons

You’re going to need a pretty healthy setup.

Indeed most of the time I will be plugged into my buddies oasis on his truck but I only need these compressors for when I’m not parked at the midsole with him I will use it to scare people and go thru our downtown area at night and hit the tunnels

we have two of the extremeaire comps on a 20 gallon and from 0-150 it roughly take 8-10 min. i have two id be willing to sell for 275 each shipped. you can text me at 219-718-3658 if your interested. i can send pictures

Still, keep in mind the 5 gallon per compressor warranty of Viair and many others. That’s 5 compressors for 24 gallons. I’m not sure how many brands have that restriction. You only need 1 Oasis and it takes less than 4.5 minutes to fill from 0 to 150 psi.

yes i know that dan but im not looking to spend 2-3 grand on a compressor

I kind of figured that from your original statement of wanting to trade but you know I had to try, especially when filling 24 gallons…lol