Omega AH-300

I am new to this forum as of today. Some of you have amazing stuff. I have a chance to purchase the Omega AH-300 and would like to know if I will be happy. I’m a newbie with limited funds and could get the complete gig for $300. Thanks:eek:

My opinion I would save up $75.00 more and go with the shocker classic kit.

Call up Garret and see if you can get a Forum Discount.

And Watch the DJD labs video at the bottom of that link.

Then you will be happy.

just my .02

Yeah, much better deal on way better gear that you’ll enjoy WAY more.


Thanks, that’s what I’ll do…

Why do the Omega when you can do the HB Equivalent?

Thanks, I am going with the Shocker Classic kit, I hope it’s louder than the 3 horn. I’m not sure though.

Ohhh Yeah! Rumor has it you won’t be disappointed!

get the shocker
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