Omega ah300 help please

the solenoid on my omega ah300 horns stopped working does anyone know if this piece can be replaced or do I have to get new horns and if someone knows where I can get one I’d appreciate it

possibly this?

U could also try taking the air line fitting off the solenoid and the fitting that the air line has. Then look closely at the solenoid were the air goes in there is a small mesh screen that stops crap from flowing threw the solenoid.(i have the smaller omega horns and it ended up being that screen had bunch of dirt the had clogged the mesh screen just cleaned it off real good and they worked like new again) I would check that first =save u little money. :slight_smile:

try that i new a guy
a wile back who
had one of thoes
kits and he had that
problum so try that
out and see what