Omg no no no no!!!!!!

Happy New Year! :smiley: camera is on the fritz but Figured I would share this so here goes…
I was driving around and stopped to use the public bathroom, I do my business, walk to my car, and presented with the following…
so, apparently some girl thought it would be FUNNY to park her friends car on the train tracks and snap a photo of it there. Just so happened… I was parked in a parking lot at the local park just down the train tracks. she parks on the tracks and gets out, what do I do in a situation like this? well, I lay on the K3’s Like I am a train Barreling down the tracks of course! and when I do, she yells "OMG OMG NOOOO!!!’ she runs back into the car starts it and moves it off the tracks. Now, it gets more fun :smiley: she goes for attempt #2 I have my stereo on full volume and windows down, along with a Graham white E-Bell qued up, and the K3’s fully aired back up :wink: she parks on the tracks a second time, gets out of her friends car, I hit “play” and start honking, she yell’s “OMG WHAT THE F**K?!” runs back to the car and moves it off the tracks. Gotta love messing with people who do stupid things like that!

Now that would’ve been great to catch on camera!

That would have been great to see. It’s a shame your camera wasn’t working.

She got what she deserved. Great idea to stop on the tracks lol.:o:o