on my way home from school.

Blasted the fcuk outa this guy.To let him know he was in danger i meen he was getting his mail but he was pretty far into the street so i blasted him to let him know…so he didnt get hurt or anything…Better his ears then body rite? Maybe a 8 seconds blast wasnt necessary but hey. Hes still alive now rite and i can add to my count of how many middle fingers ive seen its up to about 765456 now. Btw he took cover like he was about to get hit by a car or something lmao.

lol thats funny

i love the duck and cover ones, like a bomb is going off or something LOL

Man I can’t wait to do poop like that.

duck and covers are CLASSIC!!!

nice lol i cant wait to get my horn.

thats awesome. but correct me if im wrong, werent you the one who was selling because of vehicle damage? lol… im glad to see youve changed your mind!

this thread was back in march before he was selling

lol ok thanks my bad

np lol :slight_smile: