On/Off switch

Heys guys I’ve had my shocker kit in my Escort for a year now and haven’t had any problems up untill now. The horns still sound great, but I’m having a bit of a problem with my On/Off switch that gives power to both my horns (when the button is pushed) and my compressor. What happens is from time to time when starting my car with the switch OFF (system is wired directly to the battery with an inline fuse) the compressor will sometimes kick on. Now its gotten to the point where my On/Off switch doesn’t even work anymore. Meaning I can have the switch in the off position, hit my horn button and they will blow. My whole wiring system for my kit is completely soldered so I don’t think there could be a loose connection anywhere. Could it be the cheap On/Off switch I bought from Radio Shack? I checked my inline fuse coming off of my battery and it was still good, checked my grounds and they were fine. So I guess the only factor I have left is my cheap Radio Shack On/Off switch. If any of you fellas ever had a problem with an On/Off switch from Radio Shack let me know, or if you know of a top of the line switch that will last forever shoot it my way lol.
Thanks - Aaron.

id say cheap switch, get a heavy duty one

Where could I buy a heavy duty one? Auto Zone maybe?

Yup… usually they will say heavy duty right on it

Aaron, tell me how you are wiring this thing? Are you using a relay for the compressors? If you are wired directly to the battery, you should run a relay from an ignition fused location…

Thanks guys I bought a heavy duty On/Off switch from Auto Zone and it works like a charm. Thanks anyways though N2o I guess the switch did the trick brother lol.