On the wrong Track.

I’ve had my Outlaw 5000 Chrome Freightliner Train Horn system for just over a year now. Shortly after installing them, I was caught behind one of our local public transit bus’s as it stopped at the Rail Road tracks up the road from my house.
Bus stops at the tracks with about 30 people on board.
I’m right behind them in my '90 Suburban 2500
Bus starts rolling forward and I get the chance to finally change lanes and go around it. As it gets about halfway across the tracks I laid into that horn long and hard. Every single person on that bus jumped out of their seats They all just knew they were gonners!!!

LOL!!! I wish I could of been there.

At the corner of Jewel lake road & International Airport Rd. Here in Anchorage, Alaska the Railroad tracks run along the north side of International towards the airport. Last night I pulled up there in the left turn lane and the woman in front of me in a small station wagon was stopped right on the tracks with more than plenty of room in front of her for her to move up and clear the tracks. Now mind you these tracks aren’t used all that often but everyone knows YOU DON’T STOP ON THE TRACKS!!! Well she sitting there waiting for the green turn arrow eating here lunch. She reaches for her soda and just as she brings it up to get a drink I hit the horn…
She jumped hit her head on her roof and I watched soda and food go flying everywhere!!! Light turned green and she immediately pulled over after the turn to clean out her car. I blasted her again as I went by her and she showed me I was “NUMBER 1” LOL

haha!! thats awesome… thats why i want to get a dash cam for my truck for those type of scares!!

Thats Hilarious!